osu!training: Jan 26 - 31

Let’s see how far I get this time.


I am limiting my play time to focus on my other goals.

Received my Thnikk’s RGB osu! Keypad (r2) with Clear Gateron Switches! Unfortunately I overplayed the day before and my fingers are in no conditions to play optimally, so I’ll need to rest. Although my left hand fingers are in pain and the middle one a bit swollen, the new keypad doesn’t hurt it. The positioning of the key switches are a bit high so I have to put a pad under my left wrist to lift it up or else it’d hurt. I’m currently using a pack of disposable tissues as padding. The new keypad has already been significantly increasing my accuracy that it is scaring me a little.

Self Corrections

Move face away from monitor to relax and widen field of vision.

Stop over-playing, geez. The recovery time is not worth it.

When I play too much, my normal senses become numbed and others amplified, and I begin to be able to smell my feet, even though I normally cannot unless I put my foot to my face. Solution: wash feet more thoroughly.

Stop rushing from song to song. Pause, wipe off sweat, reposition, stretch, and mentally prepare before starting a song.

Rising in ranks is not the goal, improvement is. Ranks will rise naturally as a result of improvement, so be patient, young one.

Made the hit sounds a lot louder. Accuracy is becoming amazing.

What is Tellerino?

Sweaty feet???


[01/27/16] Sub 90k Rank!
[01/28/16] Sub 90% Accuracy!
[01/29/16] Got my new keypad!
[01/31/16] Passed first 6 Star Song!
[02/01/16] Yuikonnu - Souzou Forest (Insane) FC!

Inspirations & Cool Stuff

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My posts are written over a period of time and inconsistent with tense. I apologize for this. I have shortened the time period of this training session in order to make future post titles not span over two months.