osu!training: Feb 01 - 10

It’s a busy week.

Beginning Rank

Beginning Rank Img


Taking a day or two off. Fingers feel better now. I learned that Peppy, creator of osu!, also created puush.me.

So I found out that Tillerino is a person who created TillerinoBot that you can add on osu and give him commands to recommend you songs to play for pp. I need to write a section about this after about a week of experimenting. Update: I decided not to experiment. I thought that it would be good at recommending me songs that’ll help me improve but that was not the case.

I enabled the hit counter on the side to see if I would be able to get used to it. I used to have my whole game-interface disabled to minimize distractions. I was fine with re-enabling the hit counters, but the combo and accuracy interface still greatly distracts me. From the hit counters, I was able to see that I always somehow end up with less hits with my index finger even though I always alternate. This may be from either missing more notes with my index finger or me unconsciously using my middle finger more.

After some observation, I speculate that I may have an irregular tapping style that does complete alt but switches to middle leading finger at times.

Someone made a spreadsheet of top players’ playstyles and hardware. Ryuu told me that the list is outdated but it is still interesting.

Ryuu showed me Blood Cat, a site that makes it easy to download all the beatmaps, even the ones removed from the main osu! site.

I decided to take a day of break on the last day, the 10th.


Tillerino is a person who wrote a bot for his account that’ll recommend songs to users to help them gain PP. Basically, it is a feeder for PP addicts. The entire concept is nice and I would like to make my own bot someday. The bot is well documented on its github and very straightforward to use.

tillerino explained

Log & Self Corrections

Hopping with the tablet along with clicking is fun and helps with accuracy.

Turn up the volume if you can’t properly hear the music and hit beats.

Warm up, always, before playing. Makes shifting between streams smoother.


Getting used to AR 9.3. Slowly inching my way up. AR 9 is putting me to sleep.

PP is overrated, for now. If it won’t matter when I get better, then it won’t matter now.


[02/02/16] Sub 80k Rank!
[02/06/16] Sub 70k Rank!

Sub 70k

Inspirations & Cool Stuff

Ass Sweat
Don’t throw tablet pen at monitor
osu! drill spinner


When I focus on pushing my limits, my rank naturally jumps in the days that follow. It is good to play songs in my comfort zone to build accuracy and consistency but I need to play harder songs in order to improve. My rank has gone up by 40k+ in less than a month. I don’t expect it to continue growing at that rate, so I’m telling myself not to be bothered by it. I tend to get distracted by material values such as ranks and prizes, which is not what I should be focusing on. My goal for next month is to become able to read or attempt at AR10.