osu!training: Feb 11 - 20

Recovery time sucks.

Beginning Rank

Beginning Rank Img


I think I have been developing tendonitis in my tapping fingers. It must have incurred while I was still playing on the Mac keyboard and carried over. I have managed to find a way to play while keeping my fingers completely straight. It doesn’t tense my forearm muscles though, so I can’t improve on my streaming with this playstyle. I will be playing less, or in my relaxed state until my fingers are better.

Started AR10 reading training. I can play relaxed with only my right hand while my left hand is resting. From the forum thread on approach rate, reading is defined as being able to completely see objects and consciously click them, while reacting is the opposite. I agree with this. I think I can properly read AR9 but I can react to AR10.

It has been one month since osu!training began! I am proud to say that I have made quite a lot of progress so far. I spent the last days of this month actually NOT playing any osu! due to finger injury. I shall be more careful and take more breaks. Although I stated in the last post that the goal for this following month is to be able to read AR10, I think I have already mostly fulfilled that goal. I will continue with it until I can read AR10 comfortably and consciously.

Ryuiko said that it’s not worth learning AR10.33 until 4-digit rank, so I will hold off on that.

My fingers are almost pain-free. I think I can resume normal play during my next log post.

I have found a good way to stop playing osu! and rid of my addiction. I make Stephen confiscate my osu!tablet until I finish doing what I should be doing.

I made my own skin! Now I don’t have to feel bad about using the Shige x eLy one, although it is very cute. I’ll need to make a Github Gist to keep updates and detail on the skin later.

I have also changed my user icon to a different Nico!

I had a dream that I got a Wacom tablet and that the detection was so crazy that it was still detecting even several feet above the tablet. osu!tablet shit detection haunting me even in my sleep.

Ryuiko gave me a lot of practice maps! He showed me osusearch which allows more filtered searches such as AR, which is just what I have been looking for! Apparently you can’t update a map in osu! unless you delete it first, which is annoying.

There is a new site called osu!skills that takes your top 100 ranked plays and gives you skills points based on different categories. I think it is a way to see where I stand and what I should improve on.

My Skills

There was a post on Hanzer’s goodbye. I didn’t know who he was, but his story and realizations made me think a lot about what osu! is doing for me and how much I should really be putting into it. What is it that I play osu! for and what do I plan to get out of it? Is it really worth pouring hours of my young life into it? For all I know, there are very few things I can get so passionate about and for so long, and I will try to hold on to that something for as long as I can. osu! is one of my main sources of inspiration and adrenaline right now and I won’t just give it up. As for future potentials to what it may do for me, there are a lot of dev opportunities and more skills to pick up on, so I am not really working for nothing.

Someone wrote a really detailed post about how some hacks work in osu!. It makes me think about how I can counter cheating as a game developer.

Log & Self Corrections

osu!tablet detection sucks. I’ve been trying to concentrate most of my movement and navigation into my finger movements but I can’t because whenever the pen lifts more than 1cm off the tablet, it loses detection and the cursor disappears. Because of this, most of my movement will have to come from my wrists. It’ll probably wreck my wrists when I start playing faster songs. I’ll have to buy a better tablet when the time comes.

Finger is healed but out of shape. I’ll need to do streaming, jumping, and reading training while pacing myself to not overdo it. Edit: still needs to heal more.

Last day I started experiencing extreme frame drops during gameplay, making osu! unplayable. I want to believe that my laptop is just overheating but we’ll see.

Inspirations & Cool Stuff

Cool non-mechanical keyboard osu!skinner


These 10 days felt the longest out of all my osu! posts so far, day-length-wise and post-length-wise. I rested most of these days and I still haven’t gotten back to playing a lot because real life has been busier. During my rest, I was forced to look into different aspects of osu! and it has allowed me to expand my osu!knowledge and appreciation. I even made my own skin. I will probably make other skins in the future: a Red Comet one, and one that uses only sounds I make. Although I didn’t rise in rank much, I did improve in other aspects.