Multi-Account Sorcery

You do not need to create multiple emails to create multiple accounts.

Yesterday, I created a survey that collects Twitter usage data from Twitter users. Just from the initial first few hours of data, I can already see that most users have more than 1 Twitter account and there certainly exist users who have more than 5.

Saku told me that she has 15 Twitter accounts and I asked her if it was a pain creating a new email for each of those accounts and she told me a trick that was taught to her by my former roommate.

The Trick

You can use email+something@gmail.com to create new accounts on Twitter, or any other site, and all its mail will redirect back to the original email@gmail.com.

For Example:

main: charuri@gmail.com
extra1: charuri+1@gmail.com
extra2: charuri+2@gmail.com
extra3: charuri+more@gmail.com

If I made a Twitter account with each of these, they’ll all redirect its mail back to the main one.

Final Thoughts

I hope this was helpful. I was completely mind-blown myself.